You'll what we build!

We have a passion for crafting innovative financial platforms with emerging technologies.

At 49Lab we are not driven by the need to change the world, but we truly believe that new technology is changing the game and nature of financial services. We work on projects, where we've seen a strong global business model and we choose to take the commercial aspect. We don’t build the technology – we use it.


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Few of our current projects

Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments

We are working on a platform that enables users to send money from and to anywhere in the world - instant and magically!

Short-term Financial Products

Have you ever been in need of short-term insurance, lets say for a couple of hours?

Peer-to-Peer Lending

What is your risk appetite?
Would you lend someone a penny or a dollar - maybe $100 or $1.000 - we will let you do that. You even get the possibility to trade the loan afterwards.

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Well, in this world of information anyone with the insight to the web would be able to exploit some of the brainpower behind – but never the less - don´t believe that the true world always exposes itself at the first glance.